Thompson Okanagan Community Services Co-operative is an organization of non profit societies devoted to enriching the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. Since 2005, we have been committed to supporting purposeful and meaningful lifestyles. We aspire to enhance the lives of the people we support. Whether alone or in partnership, TOCSC offers services that focus on promoting community connections, personal independence, meaningful employment and socially valued roles.
Thompson Okanagan Community Services Co-operative
We are more than just an Organization
Hey Guys, my name is Amy
For a student new to the area with a rather demanding schedule, TOCSC has allowed me both the flexibility to work when I can and the opportunity to explore and learn about Kamloops with some of the greatest people living here. With a history of working in a variety of support settings, I have found the approach Meighan and the TOCSC team take is refreshing, holistically integrated and based in reality. I am so impressed with the TOCSC model that I have accidentally recruited 3 friends as staff just by speaking positively about my experience with the supporting team and those we support.
Hi, I’m Avery
I have been working for Thompson Okanagan Community Services Co-operative for close to 2 and a half years. I had no previous experience or schooling just an interest in the field and desire to learn. I began working as a Community Support Worker doing 1 on 1 support with a few different individuals. Each individual I have worked with has brought new challenges and have taught me a lot about the job and myself. I began doing overnights at one individual’s home. Although, it was an adjustment and something completely new, I am grateful for the opportunity. I have since built an amazing relationship with this individual, both in and out of work.

I am now Service Coordinating for 3 of the individuals which we support. In the past 2 and a half years, I have learned an enormous amount about the field in which I plan to pursue a career in. I have gained experience, memories from each individual that I have supported and have grown and changed a lot as a person.

Hi, I’m Colleen
Since I started being supported by TOCSC back in 2007, I have moved into my own apartment and I have a very active life!

I enjoy keeping busy and take great pleasure in attending the United Church on Sundays, where I always try to be as involved as I can. Whether it is singing in the choir, helping set up for tea, coffee and treats, welcoming other patrons or playing Mary in the Christmas Play, I am someone who is always willing to participate.

I play hockey and baseball with two fantastic teams! Monday to Friday I work as a cashier at a thrift store which I feel is “Simply the Best Thrift Store”! I also volunteer at Desert Gardens and for the Canadian Cancer Society. I am a member of the local Toastmaster’s chapters. I am a big supporter of the Kamloops Blazers and try to take in as many games as my schedule will allow me. GO BLAZERS! One of my friends (who is also my neighbor) and I go for bike rides on the weekends for exercise. It’s always nice to have the company while exercising!

One of my greatest accomplishments to date was in February of 2006, when I took a plane to Africa and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. I put in a year of hard and dedicated training to make the climb…..and it was so worth it.

Hello there, my name is Erin
I live with a roommate in the downtown Kamloops area in a luxurious apartment building. My roommate is an exceptional friend of mine, who I have known since high school. She and I have been roommates for the past 8 consecutive years.

I am just crazy about animals! I volunteered at Dr. Doolittle's pet store for almost a year. I knew each animal by name and their personal breed. Unfortunately Dr. Doolittle's closed down this past year, but a new opportunity came knocking at my door.

I have been largely involved in volunteering with the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind. I have had the privilege to raise money for Guide Dogs which provide mobility and independence to visually-impaired users. Through hosting local fundraisers to placing guide dog figurines which collect donations around town, I have raised over $3,000 for this fantastic cause.

My hobbies include: yoga, swimming, music in the park and going out for coffee. I was lucky enough to attend Circus de Soleil in 2010. The performance was absolutely amazing! I cannot wait for the show to come back to Kamloops!

Hey, my name is Hayley!
I moved to Kamloops from Winnipeg in the Fall of 2006 to attend the Bachelor of Business Administration program at Thompson Rivers University. In 2008, I started living part time with an amazing young woman named Sandra. I would stay overnight with her 3-4 days during a week. While working alongside Sandra, I learnt a lot about myself and developed a great friendship with her.

Sandra and I created amazing memories over the 3 years we worked together. When Sandra and I weren’t running her cleaning business, attending church, or in scrapbooking class, we were busy venturing off for weekend getaways. Sandra and I travelled to Jasper, Sun Peaks, Kelowna and Wells Gray waterfalls to name a few of our trips!

Sandra had a nightly routine of watching her favourite television programs; Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. As much as I hate to admit it, her love for these programs wore off on me. I have become a huge fan of both of these shows!

After graduating with my BBA in 2010, I started working with TOCSC performing HR/ Marketing duties. It has been an enormous change for me to not work alongside Sandra, but in an office like setting. It is a privilege for me to have the opportunity to aid in recruiting and hiring for our team. After spending over three years with this wonderful team, I understand our culture and the unique aspirations each of us have. I believe that I am a part of not only a fantastic organization, but a family pursuing our passions and dreams.
My name is Jaye
I moved to Kamloops from Vancouver in my early teens with my family. Kamloops has since become my home. I absolutely love my beautiful downtown apartment, which I share with my roommate Hayley.

During the day I like to fill my time with knitting, fitness classes, shopping, tea with friends, time at the spa and at the hair salon. When I am not busy out in the community, I like to relax at home and watch a few of my favourite shows which include so you think you can dance, criminal minds, greys anatomy, and especially Dr. Oz... Oh Ozzzz!!!! I would love to go see a live Dr. Oz show someday!

Family is very important to me. I try and make time at least once a week to get together and do dinner with my father Jack, sister in law Karen and brother in law Kevin.

I am currently looking at partaking in some volunteer work in Kamloops, as I am always looking to get more involved in the community.

What’s up? I’m Matt
Being new to this field of work I have learned great patience and a lot of respect for others. Every day I learn new and exciting things. Working with adults, being able to share my knowledge and assist others around me in the community is a great joy that gives me much fulfillment.

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do"
Edward Everett Hale

Hey it’s Melody!

I have been working for this agency since 2004 and previous to that, I worked for another local agency in Kamloops. This field of work is something that I have always had an interest in. Over the years, my role as a Community Support Worker has really changed. I started out supporting 3 ladies in a group home setting and slowly began doing more one on one community support.

What I enjoy most about my job is the variety of challenges that come every day. Through the years I have learned much about myself and I have been forced to grow and look at life through different eyes. I have become more aware of the world around me, more compassionate and patient. I have been stretched to learn how to do things in different ways and be uncomfortable trying new things. I have recently begun a new role within the agency as a Service Coordinator. I am looking forward to the new challenges that I will be faced with and the growth that will follow.

Nice to meet you, I’m Ron
I have lived in Kamloops for most of my life and I have many friends and family here. I reside in an apartment downtown which is filled with my collectibles. Antiques are one of many interests that I have. I attend the antiques and collectibles club once a month where I can share my passion with other people who appreciate it. Along with my antiques, my pad is full of my personal artwork. I have been painting for many years and it is something I really love to do.

I am activity involved in the Kamloops art community, where I take part in shows and other events such as art in the park, Kamloops downtown art walk, the juried art show, and the KAG auction. I am currently looking into putting together a web page so I can sell and display my paintings online.

I have many interests that keep me busy and always on the go. There is hardly ever a free weekend available for me. In the summers I go on day trips in search of collectibles, head to the lakes around Kamloops, attend art shows in other communities, check out Fall fairs, attend church and go on bike rides. Once the winter comes you will find me at the skating rink or skiing up at Harper.

I give back to the community by volunteering at the Kamloops food bank, a local book store and a school library.

My name is Sandra!

I am a savvy lady in my mid 30’s that is full of life! I currently live in a townhouse near downtown Kamloops. My complex has an outdoor pool and is located right beside tennis and volleyball courts and the beautiful beach!

I am the CEO of a residential cleaning business which I established in 2010. My cleaning business is referred to as “Sparkling Sandra.” I work usually on Monday and Thursday nights cleaning my client’s homes. I take pride in my work and enjoy spending my hard earned money on dining out, shopping and getting my hair and nails done.

I go to church every Sunday morning. I decided to join church two years ago and since then every Sunday I get dressed up and attend. I love being able to interact with others and sing to the church band. Singing is one of my favourite hobbies!

I enjoy attending karaoke at the pub on the weekends or rocking out to music at home. My favourite band is ABBA, with my favourite song being “Dancing Queen.” I attended a fantastic ABBA tribute concert in 2010 and 2011.

During the summer months I like spending time with my family, camping, watching live sports games, checking out the local farmers market and having BBQ’s. For my birthday this past August, I had all my friends and family over for a big BBQ filled with lots of food and yummy drinks. It was SO much fun!

Hey there, it’s me Sarah
I live with a roommate in the downtown core of Kamloops. I really enjoy socializing and going out for coffee. I am a volunteer usher for Sagebrush and the Pavilion theatres. I love watching my plays! My favourite play so far has been “A Christmas Carol.” While volunteering, I have had the opportunity to usher for some really cool special events, such as the Trews concert, the Investors Group Comedy Tour and the Kamloops Symphony.

I also volunteer weekly at the Canadian Cancer Society. I do small tasks around the office, set up information booths from time to time and I am the organization’s official photographer!

Furthermore, I am the proud creator of the Kamloops Ladies Social Group; we meet every two weeks to do all sorts of fun activities. If you are interested in joining, you can find our ad on Kijiji!

How’s It Going, I’m Terry
I am happy with assistance provided to me by TOCSC. It has and is helping me to grow and become more independent in MY life. They have helped me to reach some of goals and I know will continue to help me reach more. I have moved into my own apartment, joined a bowling team and I am a proud member of the Blazers booster club. I am very active in my community, where I have had the privilege of working with the Kamloops Broncos and meeting the BC lions. I enjoy movies, swimming and sports. I have even taken in a Vancouver Canucks Hockey game!

"The making of friends, who are real friends, is the best token we have, of a person’s success in life" - Edward Everett Hale.

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